Make the most of your parking space potential.

  • share with friends & community
  • lend when empty & earn extra income
  • protect against theft and forbidden parking

What is ParkingAround?

Smart parking solution on a mission to make parking easier while benefiting communities and the environment around us. By bringing innovative technology to parking, we help residents like you to make the most of any parking space potential.

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How can we help residents like you?

ParkingAround makes it easy for you to park at work. Once your company implements our tech, just download the app, pick your desired parking spot, and book it in 2 clicks from anywhere. Cancel it anytime or book in advance for extra comfort. Have visitors or guests often? Don’t worry, ParkingAround makes it easy to invite and navigate them too as well. Because first impressions matter a lot.

  • Share with community 
    & earn passive income
  • Rent extra space for friends 
    & visitors when needed
  • Protect your car against theft 
    or forbidden parking
  • Control your parking 
    automatically or in our app

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Renting a space

  1. download the app
  2. book a parking spot in 2 clicks
  3. pay in app


Sharing with community

  1. download the app
  2. share your parking spot with community
  3. receive notifications when booked and earn