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Enhance your facility's reputation by offering convenient, stress-free parking options for visitors at shopping malls, hotels, venues, medical and retail centers while increasing your operational efficiency. Empower guests with easy reservations and optimize space usage, turning underutilized parking areas into revenue-generating assets. Transform parking into a seamless part of your hospitality service with ParkingAround, and deliver unparalleled convenience and satisfaction.

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Why ParkingAround?

By bringing innovative technology to parking, we help city planners, communities, and citizens to make the most of their parking space potential.

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How does it work?

ParkingAround is a long-lasting, plug-and-play solution for efficient parking management. It streamlines not only parking but also EV charger sharing and operation services. When paired with Fleximodo's dependable IoT parking devices, ParkingAround creates a truly automated and reliable system. After all, a strong foundation of hardware and software is key to a successful solution.

ANPR Camera

ANPR cameras automatically read and recognize license plates upon entry and exit. This eliminates the need for manual checking, ensuring only authorized vehicles access the parking lot.


Proprietary IoT device enabling the communication between LoRa (Long Range) devices and the internet allowing providing real-time information to users.


ParkingAround's cloud architecture storing and protecting your data.


Find, Book, Share & Pay for parking with ease. Our intuitive mobile app is designed to minimize drivers' and parking owners' interactions with parking.

EV Charging

Share EV charging spots efficiently within the parking house.


Fleximodo IoT parking sensors enable monitoring parking occupancy of the spot real-time.

EV Display

Information display guiding you to empty parking spots.

Management Portal

Your all-in-one reservation system enabling tracking, effortless invoicing and a creation of parking policy.

Supercharge your ESG strategy with ParkingAround

Key benefits

Commercial Developers

  • Maximize space utilization
  • Reduce construction costs
  • Increase property value
  • Sustainability and ESG Compliance
  • Enhanced tenant satisfaction
  • Revenue generation
  • Seamless integration
  • Future-Proof developments
  • Support for EV infrastructure

Facility Owners/Managers

  • Optimize parking space usage to accommodate more visitors
  • Increase revenue through efficient parking management
  • Implement eco-friendly and ESG-compliant parking solutions
  • Provide e-charging stations with protection and billing systems
  • Enable real-time occupancy tracking and enforcement of parking rules
  • Simplify invoicing, billing, and provide usage statistics per individual spot

Retailers and Hospitality Businesses

  • More parking with less space
  • Improve customer satisfaction and enhance overall experience
  • Increase operational efficiency with streamlined parking management
  • Facilitate parking sharing among businesses within the same facility
  • Optimize guest parking management for events and peak times
  • Dynamic pricing setup

Event Organizers/Conference Venues

  • Efficient management of parking for large events and conferences
  • Real-time occupancy updates and easy navigation for attendees
  • Simplified booking and management of parking spaces for event guests
  • Enhance event experience with hassle-free parking solutions
  • Provide additional services like EV charging to attendees
  • Dynamic pricing setup

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

  • Ensure ample and organized parking for patients, visitors, and staff
  • Reduce parking-related stress and improve overall patient experience
  • Implement secure and easy-to-use parking solutions
  • Facilitate efficient guest parking management and navigation
  • Support sustainable practices with EV charging options

Guests/ Visitors

  • Seamless parking experience
  • Easy reservation system and management
  • Receive real-time notifications and updates on parking availability
  • Enhanced security and enforcement

EV Charging

ParkingAround unlocks the potential of existing EV charging infrastructure. By enabling EV owners to share their private charging stations when unused, we significantly increase the efficiency of the current network.

For facility managers:

  • Monitor usage in real time
  • Effectively manage
  • Enforce parking policies

For guests and visitors:

  • Share with friends & community
  • Lend when empty & earn extra income
  • Protect against theft and forbidden parking
EV Charging
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